I’m going to kill my self

-ish ways and recommit to this silly little blog I started.

Testing…1…2…2…is this thing on?

Is anybody reading this?

If so, thanks!

If not, thanks? Both responses help actually.

Ahh but what to blog about…hmmm…most people loved my music recommendations:

and my anglophilic comedic slant:

Anywho, while I struggle to think of a hard rhyme for orange (c’mon never say never!) feel free to leave a comment.

One thought on “I’m going to kill my self

  1. Happy to see you popped back up in my feed today. It’s Tax Day, so everyone in KC is either punch-drunk and giddy (all of us work for either H&R Block, the IRS or the Federal Reserve) or frazzled and pissed off. I’m going with punch-drunk and giddy as it is the more fun of the two options left for everyone who happens to be running on fewer than six hours of sleep a night for the past month. Anywho, find inspiration wherever you can. I’d love to see you back swimming in the Friday Fictioneers pool again.



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