50+ followers :)

I hope one of you has a map because otherwise, dear followers, we’re doomed as doomed can be!?!?!

Well so far so good…but seriously 50+ followers in a month and a half…whodathunkit?

Note I said Whodathinkit not Hodathunkit:

Courtesy http://www.today.com

So at the urging of Maddie Cochere (blame her for what follows) I present my poem 50+ Followers:

I noticed today that 50+ followers had begun closing in

And yet I had nothing to entertain them with but digital paper and pen

SO as fast as I could I fashioned a blog 

Full of fiction, humor and even an ode to my dog

So dear readers although the one you’ve chosen to follow is certainly no scholar

He vows today to not further delay the posts geared towards  his 50+ followers! 

(Hmmm…why is everyone exiting at the same time? Bathroom break? Sigh…)

11 thoughts on “50+ followers :)

  1. Great poem! Exactly what your fans are clamoring for! 😉

    Congratulations on 50 followers. Your blog is always such a surprise, so I’m not surprised people are flocking here in droves.

  2. Fifty + followers can’t be denied,
    Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside,
    People are interested in what you have to say,
    They look forward to your posts every day!

    Congrats on hitting the big 50.

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