The final post to signify the end of my blog…

(cue Adele’s “Someone Like You”)

This won’t be my last post mind you. Geez…what’s with the pouty lips?!?! 🙂

(needle scrape)

At least I hope not…I just started blogging this month and have much to learn and find it all exciting. However, in my time here have already come across several very popular bloggers with now defunct blogs. For example, shout out to Maddie at for pointing out who is/was very entertaining and it made me wonder…

Should a blogger post a farewell statement? Should they explain why they’re no longer posting or just “exit…stage left” into obscurity? Would you feel cheated if one of your favorites didn’t explain the abandonment?

Thoughts? Please share in the comments.

As for me I have no book to sell, website to promote, or even a game plan for the blog (such a loser!)…I’m just here to hopefully engage you dear reader and learn, observe, and live vicariously. Which I suppose is what we’re all doing to some extent.

When it is time for me to end this blog (no it’s not RELISH it’s PERISH the thought!) I think I may simply put in the title:

“Goodbye cruel circus…I’m off to join the world”


7 thoughts on “The final post to signify the end of my blog…

  1. No kidding on the needle scrape. I would have been surprised to find you were packing it in your first month – especially since you’ve picked up followers so quickly (the sign of an entertaining/interesting blog).

    Chowderhead took me by surprise, too. I lost the baseball bet and spent a week sending people over to his blog. 🙂 He’ll still be posting at Long Awkward Pause, so he’s not completely gone.

    I suppose the farewell statement is appropriate if you have a lot of followers who interact with you – and you are leaving for reasonable reasons. If you robbed the corner liquor store and will be in jail for six months, you might just want to shut it down. 😉

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Don’t go! It’s a whole new world out there in Blogsiverse. I’ve only been at it a few months, and I’m enjoying every minute. It’s great to get feedback too, makes you think about different things and the same things differently. 🙂

  3. Call me kind of crazy but I expect a farewell. I know I don’t have the right to expect anything but I get sorta attached to the posts of the bloggers I follow. I would say I get attached to the bloggers but that makes me sound really creepy and I did just hit your follow button 😉

  4. I’d want a farewell, and I’d post one too. I’ve made many (I dare to call them) friends on here and I think they would like to know why I was going.
    I’ll be losing my internet for a couple of weeks very soon, and I’ll certainly put up a post to explain why I’ve suddenly gone quiet – I’m a regular commenter on several blogs and I’d hate people to think I’d “gone off” them 🙂

    Don’t worry about not having a game plan for your blog. I just started posting my thoughts, quickly ran out of them 🙂 and now it’s mainly flash fiction. Just enjoy the ride!

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