Kindness acts of random…

I sincerely want to thank you all for continuing to read, commenting and following. You’re awesome!

Every time I’m quizzically looking at the WP Dashboard trying to understand all the features (and noticing there are still no viewers from Estonia…?)  and I see the comment notification light up…my heart pitter patters faster than Governor Rob Ford’s whilst annihilating an 8-ball (allegedly).

Speaking of random (heads up for the segue!) I’ve noticed an acquaintance of mine has started pronouncing the word “especially” as “exspecially”.

That mispronunciation  makes my ears perk up and everything they say after that just sort of gets suspended in a figurative Jell-O mold as I contemplate the etymology of the word “exspecially”.

Professor Graham R. Knottsee: “This pronunciation was first introduced when, as a child, the subject was so taken with Mary Poppins’ “Supercalifragilisticexspialidocious” that she began interjecting random fragments of the word into her everyday conversation. In addtion to exspecially, we also have observed the subject saying things such as ‘That shipment of fine china is fragilistic and should be treated as such.’ The shock therapy, although effective, has not completely removed all of the subject’s grammatical shortcomings as detailed in my previous treatise reviewed during last week’s lecture.”

Along those lines…I really try to be thorough when reviewing my posts prior to publishing but I still go back and reread weeks later and…cringe…there’s a misspelling or a better way to phrase a thought.

The fnnuy tihng aubot mssiplliengs is taht as lnog as the frist and lsat ltteers of wrods whit 3+ carteharcs are crrocet…msot can slitl raed tehm.

Do you ever hear things being mispronounced by others? Do you correct the (possibly innocent) person responsible for the mispronunciation? Ignore it and move on? Report them to the authorities and hope they get some TSA worthy interrogation?

Please share in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Kindness acts of random…

  1. People here say “I seen” instead of “I’ve seen” or “I saw”. It drives me nuts. Another one that actually makes me lol are those Youtube comments: “He’s such a great raper”. I think you mean rapper!?

  2. I suppose spelling is my beef, especially when I saw a huge employment banner for the Takeout industry about their Recurtment Drive.
    Another was a notice on an empty industrial unit giving a map and directions to their new site: arrow and sign saying “We are hear.”
    I kid you not.
    I just wonder if it’s some ploy to get enough people to march into their premises to complain in the hope they’ll actually buy something! 🙂

    • I always like it when businesses advertise something for “.99 cents” instead “$.99”. I want to walk in and drop a penny on the counter and say “Keep the change.” But then that would require interaction.

  3. “eXpresso” and “IRregardless” are the two that send me. But fortunately the only two. My bar is pretty low because I’m sure I miss the mark regularly myself *blush.* The R Kelly exchange made me laugh! Thanks!

  4. I think if you know the person, then maybe emailing them to let them know there’s a mistake is okay..?

    One thing I’ve noticed quite a bit is people writing ‘I should of’ instead of ‘I should have’… I think that makes me cry inside more than the whole your v you’re thing.

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