Thoughts I have or suspect I will lose sleep over eventually…

Well…hello there…

It’s Friday and you’ve no doubt got outrageously exciting plans for the weekend so thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit!!!

Put on your random cap dear reader:

10) What if when we arrive at the pearly gates we learn that, due to sheer volume of requests and spambots, St. Peter requires us to solve some impossible reCAPTCHA encryption phrase to achieve passage into eternity…or not.


9) Is a cronut in any way healthier than a donut? If so, I will justify adding them to my diet.


8) Does “Gwenikins” know I’ve moved on?

Gwen Stefani

7) Why BBC? WHY?!?!? (…sobbing…)

Being Human cast 2

6) If terrorists actually did build and deploy an E-Bomb, surely I’ve gleaned enough survival skills by now (candles: Check!)

Revolution - Season 2

5) Is this cute or creepy?


4) Speaking of creepy…Coulrophobia is REAL!


3) Huh wha? Sorry I’m still looking at #4…

2) I hope no one else in the office brings in more gourmet frigging cupcakes! I can’t resist!

1) The question is not “Is the glass half empty or is it half full?” the question IS, in fact, “Why don’t I ever finish a glass of water? Commitment issues?”


Ok well…I hear you tapping your foot in anticipation of “gettin yo Friday on”. I strongly recommend you stop byΒ Thomas Cochran’s blogΒ on your way out!

Be off with you…until next time πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Thoughts I have or suspect I will lose sleep over eventually…

  1. I was here earlier today, but clicked that link to Thomas Cochran’s blog and got lost in a mountain of Funky Music. Love the dog in #3. He and I could be good friends.

    And if I may add a little note here. In this order, I suggest:
    – keep up the great work on the blog
    – 3,000 word short stories (people love to read them on commutes, over lunches, on breaks)
    – compile short stories into an anthology for publication
    – write great American novel

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