On the sudden loss of a loved one (Part Two)

I lost someone very close to me and stopped blogging for a few days. It didn’t seem appropriate.

Just being present for all those around me became my goal.

Errands needed to be run. Phone calls needed to be made. The mundane acts of taking out the garbage, washing dishes and house cleaning became paramount. Taking unneeded clothing and other items to Goodwill…dreadful and cathartic.

The sound of children laughing a needed reprieve from sounds of gut wrenching gasps interjected between sorrowful moans from another who, try as I might, can not be consoled. I just pull her closer in my arms.

The very stark reminder that nothing lasts forever and that we all have precious little time to accomplish all the things our hearts and minds are compelled to dream about or finally get around to those often reviewed bucket list items. Friendships and even acquaintances new and old are given bold and underlined emphasis.

The world moves slower and at times grinds to a halt. Time itself is in question as days run together and hours become days.

Echoes of unspoken words and recaps of missed opportunities are replayed on a continuous reel in the minds of all those who knew the deceased.

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